There are Daffodils in flower in George’s garden.

There are Daffodils in flower in George’s Edinburgh Garden and with luck he will be able to cut them and bring them along to the show. The spring snow and low temperatures have made 2018 a [...]


Monday – only 12 more sleeps till Show Time

The second ‘Beast from the East’ may have gone but with the lack of warm sunshine progress on the bulb front has been slow. The Pots of Daffodils in George’s cold glasshouse [...]


Two weeks to go

There are just two weeks to go until the show and the cold East winds and flurries of snow are expected this weekend but in George’s Garden there are signs of growth and prospects look [...]


What a difference a few days make.

When George returned from a weekend away he was surprised at the growth that his pots of bulbs had made.   There are just 19 days until the Caley Spring Show and some of George’s bulbs [...]


Somewhere the sun is shining.

After the dull cold days of the past week the sun is now shining on the pot of Corydalis ‘Beth Evans’ in George’s Garden.         The pots of Caley bulbs that George [...]


A little warmth and encouragement for the Spring Show pots

As promised yesterday George has moved his pots of Caley workshop bulbs indoors to hasten their growth after the recent cold spell. None of the pots have been watered yet.  The pots are sitting [...]


George says the snow in his garden is disappearing fast.

In George’s garden the snow is disappearing fast and he has swept the white stuff off the glasshouse roof, essential so the light can get to the pots of bulbs. The pots of Hyacinths and [...]


Some timely advice from George

Only FOUR WEEKS Until the show but no need for panic measures just yet. The Caley bulbs in George’s cold glasshouse are moving slowly in this cold weather but once the sun returns they will [...]


Getting ready for the Open Day

A warm and sunny day for the final titivation of the plot before the Open Day on Sunday. The grass and edges were cut, weeding and hoeing done. The new growth on the loganberry and Tayberry was [...]


Mice and Mildew

A pleasant sunny day and good one for weeding. The digging back of the grass edges was finished and another repair to one of the raised beds done. The next couple of rows of potatoes, ‘Maris [...]