March seems a long month to George.

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Gosh March is a long Month and we still we have two weeks to go until the show.
I have lots of bulbs, “all dressed up and nowhere to go” and just hope that they will hold up well for the remainder of the time.
The Caley workshop bulbs are still sitting in the shade of the garden shed and only get direct sun early in the morning and late afternoon. Fingers crossed they will stay fresh for the 8th. & 9th of April.

Meanwhile elsewhere there is little left in the glasshouse but already the space is being taken up with pots of seedlings and veg plants for the allotment.

My Avalanche is in full bloom and the scent is magnificent. Too early I think so I may as well enjoy their contribution.

Lots of fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed in the hope that flowers will last, might even pray for more dull cold typical spring weather.

It could be worse I suppose.

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