Progress in the Teaching Garden at Saughton

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Hello everyone!

We have had a very busy few months at Saughton in the teaching garden. The little plant sale on a Friday morning has been a big hit, and as such I have been delegating the digging (and the weeding) to our other wonderful volunteers. The garden has been transformed. The earthy blank canvas has been used to the best of its ability, with almost every inch covered in a plant or vegetable of some kind. Our variety of potatoes, beans, and other vegetables have been growing happily and are beginning to flourish.

Unfortunately, due to a greedy pigeon, we did lose some young kale and greens. However the makeshift deterrent of CDs and tights has been working a charm recently, and we are fortunately finally establishing our particularly enticing plants.

The excitement has been growing for us, as we have been able to finally harvest some items from our small bed. An interesting salad of radishes, spinach, and carrot tops was enjoyed one evening!

Our Next Steps
Lots of watering with all of the lovely weather.
Pea supports in.
Thinning radishes and carrots and some successional sowing.
Weeding, weeding, weeding…

Don’t forget, you can come and visit us on Friday mornings!  (We will be try to keep you up to date with a little blog every few weeks)

Charlotte, and the Saughton Friday Crew.

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