Give your fruit trees a warning!

A snell wind today to use a good Scots word, but the sun was shining. The winter fruit pruning workshop on Sunday was even more popular than usual with about 40 people turning up to watch George [...]


George reviews the workshop pots

There is not much change in the Caley bulbs lifted from the plunge at the weekend. They have been out of the plunge for only 4 days but already the leaves are starting to change colour. They will [...]


Bulb workshop – Part 2

We potted our bulbs last October but it was the first time we had held the workshops on the allotment.  On Sunday we removed the pots very carefully as they had been covered in soil rather than [...]


Seaweed and Jeruslaem Artichokes.

Something different today as we took delivery of a load of seaweed from a processing company – seaweed is a good source of nitrogen and potash and helps build up the humus in the soil. Some was a [...]


“Greening up well” – update from George

The pots of bulbs in George’s glasshouse have been kept dry since they were lifted out of the plunge more than two weeks ago. The soil is still slightly damp and George will not apply any [...]


Winter Maintenance

A long job today was digging out one of the apple trees, ‘Charles Ross’, and moving it to another spot. It takes time to carefully dig down and tease out the roots. The tree has not grown very [...]


Snow doesn’t stop everything!

When I saw Rona of Quercus Plants weaving her willow in the snow earlier this week, I couldn’t help thinking about the statements made by Dr Andrew Duncan in 1811, a Vice- President of the [...]


More information about George’s aristocratic Iris.

Iris ‘Lady Beatrix Stanley’ is a very useful garden plant. The petals, or falls, are wider than many forms of Iris reticulata showing that it is a selection from Iris histrioides.  Iris [...]


Week 2 of George’s Bulb Blog

The pots of bulbs lifted last week and put into the cold glasshouse have started to green up and dry out slightly. The leaves on the Hyacinths are starting to splay out from the central flower [...]


George is getting ready

Last week George started his Blog on preparing bulbs for showing at spring shows. His Greenhouse was ready and waiting. The bulb foliage was well through the top of his plunge so he made the [...]

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