Sun shone on the allotment for our weekly session

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Early on the sun shone on the allotment which is full of colour from the daffodils and other spring flowers. Those doing the hard work of digging out the fruit posts in the old fruit cage area were taking off their jackets.

The posts had been well hammered in so we needed to go down deep and dig large holes to get them out. Then a start was made on digging over the ground. It has never been properly cultivated so after it is dug over, we’ll put in a green manure over the summer.

Gooseberry bush in leaf

Gooseberry bush in leaf

Propping up fruit post

Propping up the fruit post








Some of the other fruit posts along the north edge have rotted but these are now part of the willow windbreak so they were propped up with strong supports.

The shed was tidied out as was the ‘playpen’ where we store canes, fencing and so on.  It is surprising how things do accumulate.

Sowing time has started and cabbages, cauliflowers, broad beans and peas will all soon be ready to plant out.

Jobs for next week
Weed in the frame and elsewhere
Continue digging in the former fruit cage

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