While others are wondering about the progress of spring bulbs – George is talking about Filo Pastry trees!

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Yet again social media has alerted me to the fact that three years ago all my pots had been lifted and were washed and in the glasshouse. This year I have only lifted some of the more advanced varieties, Terminator and Avalanche24-january-grow-before-lifting



They did not look too bad at this point but……..



Narcissus Terminator and Narcissus Avalanche

Just as I thought when I saw them coming through the top of the plunge bed, they are a bit on the long side.I will wash the pots today and perhaps lift some of the others where the foliage has pushed through.  Meanwhile in the garden Lady Beatrix Stanley is blooming well

Meanwhile in the garden Lady Beatrix Stanley is blooming well



Iris reticulata ‘George’


Iris reticulata ‘George’ is also in full bloom


And the bark of Polylepis australis ‘ The Filo Pastry tree’ shining in the winter sunshine. This plant is 14 years old and some 15 ft tall and as much wide. It has almost outgrown its space and may need a severe pruning.


Polylepis australis

More later




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