A Beautiful Day for Gardening at the Allotment

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It was really beautiful day for gardening. 


There had been enough rain to keep the weeds coming and a major clearing was done under the fruit trees and in the brick pathways, even lifting and replacing bricks to make sure roots weren’t left underneath.


Netting was needed for the brambles and tayberries, as they are starting to ripen.  This is a time-consuming task but worthwhile to keep the birds from the fruit.


Compost was put round the apples and other fruit trees. The next succession of peas is growing well and needed stakes and strings for support.  


Although there had been some heavy rain earlier in the week, it had been very warm, so plenty of water was needed, particularly raised beds and tubs.


There was a small picking of loganberries, cherries and raspberries, along with carrot thinnings.

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