Haar over the allotment……..then the sun shone

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The haar was in for the first part of the morning, making it pleasantly
cool to work before the sun came through. Everything is growing fast, so
regular tasks like weeding, mowing the grass paths and watering were
important. Some tidying was done to allow about one metre around the
rhubarb plants; the first peas, now over, were pulled up.

Netting was taken off the gooseberries and the last of the crop picked. In
spite of netting to stop the birds, something – mice? – had been underneath
the plants and nibbled low fruits. The holes were neat, so slug damage
seemed unlikely.

Picking was the main task, as fruit is ripening fast in the warmth, and
several vegetables are ready to harvest. Garlic, courgettes, French beans,
broad beans, beetroot are all producing well. The marrows were raised from
the ground onto large stones, to prevent slug damage. There were also
plenty of red currants and raspberries to pick. Some succession planting
was done on the Japanese vegetable plot.

A group of children were having holiday activities nearby and it was good
to see and hear their enthusiasm; they came and picked some red currants,
with plans for using them for their lunch the following day. All,
hopefully, fostering the interest of the next generation of gardeners!

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