The sun is shining so George checks on progress

In George’s cold greenhouse the pots of his own bulbs have been given their first watering and are starting to put on growth and show flower buds.  Thise that are well advanced have been [...]


Bulb workshop – Part 2

We potted our bulbs last October but it was the first time we had held the workshops on the allotment.  On Sunday we removed the pots very carefully as they had been covered in soil rather than [...]


Seaweed and Jeruslaem Artichokes.

Something different today as we took delivery of a load of seaweed from a processing company – seaweed is a good source of nitrogen and potash and helps build up the humus in the soil. Some was a [...]


Snow doesn’t stop everything!

When I saw Rona of Quercus Plants weaving her willow in the snow earlier this week, I couldn’t help thinking about the statements made by Dr Andrew Duncan in 1811, a Vice- President of the [...]


Late flower shows

…….are becoming  rare but are  the places to see and admire the giant exhibition chrysanths traditionally known as ‘Japs’ . This fine entry of six blooms [...]


It is time for winter veg on the allotment.

It was time to tackle the couch grass that had found a home along the north edge of the plot.  A slow job but a satisfying one as the roots are tracked down and eased out. Couch grass had also [...]


Hard work on the Allotment

There is still plenty to do on the allotment even as autumn progresses. The clearing of the ground under the old dead hedge was hard work for three people since it was infested with couch grass [...]


Autumn Bonfires

Another bonfire today to finish clearing out the dead hedge which was being used by wildlife we don’t want to encourage. Over the winter months we’ll put in another woven windbreak [...]


It is that time again!!

Time to get organised for Spring and the Spring Show.  First task is to look out the Show Schedule and make sure of the pot sizes which are allowed in each section. ( I am growing cut flower so [...]


A fine Autumn day.

A very fine autumn day though a little warm for all the hard work. We finally managed to tidy the shed – badly needed!    It is surprising how things accumulate even in the small shed we [...]