A successful Open Day – despite the rain!

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A busy day with a final titivation of the plot for the Open Day. The grass and edges were cut and immediately the plot looked better. No watering needed thanks to all the rain there has been. The strawberry bed, which was tidied up last week, has put on good growth with the rain and feeding, and the sweetcorn are still aiming skywards.

‘Minipop’ sweetcorn has red tassels.

Despite there being rain in the morning, which turned to a slight drizzle by early afternoon, all of our participants for the Open Day turned up.  George Anderson took a very appreciative audience through the reasons for the summer pruning of fruit, giving a practical demonstration on the allotment bushes, and enlightening us with some of the plant science behind it all.

George Anderson talking about cordon apples at the Open Day.

This week we shall finish the work, harden our hearts and do some more thinning of the plums and apples.

We are now looking forward to the Dalkeith Show on 8 and 9 September in Dalkeith High School

Jobs for this week

  • Finish the summer pruning
  • Cut back the shaws on early maincrop potatoes
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