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A damp and chilly day on Thursday but a good turn-out of volunteers none the less and we set to with a couple of breaks under shelter when the rain came on. The soil is wet after all the rain, but we could do the weeding from the paths, we cleared the yellowing leaves off the sprouts and had a bonfire. The council had made its first delivery of leaves to the site and we filled a couple of bins. The leaves start to compact very quickly and over the next few weeks we shall keep them topped up. We have found the leaves rot down much more quickly in the plastic bins than they do left in open heaps and after a year we have leaf mould ready to add to the beds.

Moving the leaves

We also had a visit from the local pheasant today who stalked past us as we were at the leaf bay. We also have another regular bird visitor – two crows who enjoy the food we have and swoop down and check out round the table as soon as we are not around. We have to be careful not to leave sandwiches and other food open for them to see even in their wrappings.

Female Pheasant

Jobs for next week

  • Weeding again
  • Tidy the hut if it is dry
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