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Last week the strawberries were given a cutback and a feed to allow the new leaves to develop. The plants are four years old and are losing vigour, so this autumn we shall buy in new plants instead of using runners to give new plants. The carrots were thinned but now need another thinning. The green manure sown on the emptied broad bean bed was very quick to germinate with the rain and heat we have had and, as each bed is cleared, we shall sow more to help the soil fertility.

Thursday was a day of weeding, and then some more! We need to keep the veg beds clear, so all of the available fertility is for use by the plants, and the weeds provide hiding places for the slugs and snails too. The best of the onions have been lifted and these are the ones intended for the autumn shows. The heat and the rain have really brought on the winter brassicas and the leeks are already thickening up.

The hot days have also brought on the more tender veg which in a normal summer do struggle a little, such as the sweetcorn and squashes. This year we already have the cobs fattening up and we have never had such large or so many squashes on a plant.

Date for the Diary – Open Day on Sunday 25 August, 2.30pm-4.30pm, featuring our ever-popular workshop on summer pruning of fruit. Teas this year will be in the Bridgend Farmhouse café, but we shall have produce for you from the allotment.

Jobs for next week

  • Final tidy up for the Open Day
  • Tie up the new shoots of the soft fruit
  • Thin the carrots
  • Check all is labelled
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