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Wednesday was a bitterly cold night and the frost was on the grass as we arrived at the allotment on Thursday morning, but the sun was shining, and it was good to be out and working. The daffodils growing in the shelter of the willow are well through with buds showing and the yellow primula are in full flower.

We had our first bonfire of the year and got rid of the rotten wood and the prunings that we don’t want for thickening up the windbreak.

One of the raised beds is too wide, so it is being split in two and taking in a section of the grass path as well. Another side to it was put in place today but this bed holds the kale and spring flowering broccoli so we shall need to wait for a couple of months now before the rest of the new edges can be finished. A new edge was also put in place at the path beside the espalier apples.

Still have a good selection of winter veg to eat – kale, sprouts, red cabbage, chard and apples and potatoes from the store. The leeks were frozen in so left for another time.

A new pile of woodchips has appeared, and we took some for the new paths.

Jobs for next week

  • Work on the windbreak
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