Chilly and wet on the Allotment

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Another chilly day on Thursday and it was very wet underfoot. The sun shone for a short time and then the heavens opened so we retreated to the cafe. We still had work to do though and, encouragingly, the hazel/willow windbreak is still standing after all the gales. The Brussel sprouts are now over and the plants were dug up and the tops can be used as little cabbages. The strawberries and some of the soft fruit are starting to show leaf so they were given a feed of chicken manure pellets to boost the nitrogen levels and encourage leaf growth, but sadly we found some flatworm under the weed-suppressing matting the strawberries are growing on, so this is another area we shall need to check each week. There are still plenty of winter veg to crop – leeks, Jerusalem artichokes, pak choi, potatoes and the purple sprouting broccoli is showing signs of shooting.

Jobs for next week

  • Manure round the fruit
  • Prepare the new strawberry bed
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