Grow & Learn in Nature (GLiN)

The Caley’s project-based award that helps to connect people, plants and nature.


How to make your outdoors space more nature friendly.
How to develop your skills in plant care, soil health,
propagation and so much more, helping to increase the biodiversity of your space.

Who is it for?

GLiN is for anyone interested in gardening and nature – there is no age limit.
Children can work on a GLiN project at home with their family or as part of their school work, with a teacher.
Anyone can work towards achieving their GLiN award, on your own or in a group of any size or age range.

How it works

GLiN is flexible and you can work on your award at your gardening project, in your local greenspace, at school or even at home in your garden, on a balcony or a window ledge.
You decide what your project will be.
Practical outdoor learning leads to your award.
There are no exams – just complete your portfolio.
Minimum of 30 hours of activities.
You can work on this award on your own or as part of a group.

What you achieve

Awarded The Caley’s GLiN ‘Certificate of Achievement’.
Gain new gardening skills that work in harmony with nature.
Develop your connection with the natural world.

For more information,  contact Jean Gavin at

GLiN in partnership with the Coalfield Regeneration Trust

Recently, The Caley has been working in partnership with the Coalfields Regeneration Trust (CRT) to measure the impact the GLiN award made to participants skills, knowledge and understanding of gardening and nature.

Working closely with 4 CRT groups from across Scotland, we evaluated our GLiN Award and saw for ourselves the impacts it can have on people.

Need some more inspiration?

Below you will find a some completed portfolios.  They will give you an idea of some of the things you can do to complete your award.


Carolann’s Portfolio

“The Caley’s Grow and Learn award is a fantastic way of encouraging individuals of all ages regardless of gardening experience to connect with nature, develop new skills and inspire others.” Carolann Philp


Garden of Paradise Portfolio

GLiN portfolio co-created by a participant and an NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde occupational therapist.



Rowanbank Portfolio

“I’m really looking forward to starting this… I’m actually working towards something” GLiN participant

GLiN at Saughton Park

(click on the image to read more)

GLiN at Saughton Park

The Caley’s GLiN project at Saughton Park is now completed.  Read on to find out some the things the group got up to. With thanks to our funders, Scottish Natural […]