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The days are still cold but we have plenty to do. Last week part of the willow windbreak was taken down since the holding posts had rotted away. We are going to try a living willow windbreak there instead but it will need to be well controlled so it does not take away soil fertility and moisture from the plants round about it. Another bonfire was needed and we shall need at least two more to deal with all the prunings.

The last of the swedes were taken out and the ground forked over. The kale and spring cabbages had a feed of chicken manure granules which is high in nitrogen and good for leafy plants. All the fruit was fed with it as well a few weeks ago to encourage leaf growth.

Planning ahead, the beds for the summer and winter brassicas for this year were forked over and manure added. We find biochar is really beneficial for brassicas and that will be added to the soil just before any planting.

The new raspberry canes were planted – variety Glen Ample – and hopefully should do better than the last batch.

This week we had pickings of kale and Jerusalem artichokes and swedes.

Jobs for next week
Plant onions and shallots, add compost
Another bonfire
Manure the rhubarb
Clear some of the artichokes

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