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It is hard not to like Paeonia (Peony) and whilst these are usually considered to be summer flowering there are some varieties that are in flower now.  Over the next few weeks we hope to share images from Caley members and friends of the blooms in the their gardens and some images from The President of Paeonia in flower.

From the President:

Paeonia cambessedesii

Paeonia suffructicosa (Tree Peony)

Paeonia delavayi (Tree Peony)









Images from members:

Paeonia delavayi (Kathleen M)

Paeonia tenuifolia (Peter W)

Paeonia lutea var. ludlowii (Shona N)









Paeonia Lactiflora picotee (Peter W)

Paeonia Anne Marie (Tree Peony) (Kirsty L)

Paeonia suffruticosa niigata akashigata (Kathleen M)









However it is not uncommon for people to cherish a plant and not know what variety it is.  In this series we will include some images labelled as ‘unknown’ and it might even be possible to suggest a name.

Unknown (Peter W)                                                            

Unknown (Douglas B)

Unknown (Tree Peony )(Peter W)

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