Carolann has, for many years, been an enthusiastic beekeeper, gardener and community volunteer in her hometown of Rosyth. Her love of nature and the environment is clear for everyone to see. This coupled with her boundless enthusiasm to improve her local patch and help others to do so is highly commendable and worthy of recognition.

Carolann is also The Caley’s very first recipient of our Grow & Learn in Nature award. December 2020, saw her complete her ambitious GLiN award, focusing on improving biodiversity in her own garden and also a local primary school. She enlisted the support of teachers, parents and pupils to plant over 300 bulbs in a former neglected area of the school, to not only cheer up the local environment but also provide a valuable early food source for pollinators. Her infectious enthusiasm ensured everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience, with pupils, parents and teachers learning specifically about the importance of pollinators and the environment.

Carolann has also been involved in a community project called Eats Rosyth for many years. They have entered numerous pallet garden and planters to Gardening Scotland and won Gold on a number of occasions. She volunteers at her community orchard and enjoys nothing better than chatting to people there about nature and growing.

She has a fantastic personality that spreads enthusiasm to anyone she works with and her love of gardening encourages others to get involved. Carolann never seeks the limelight and is always astonished when her work is praised and receives applause. She is a not only a community champion, but also a worthy ambassador for growing and connecting people to both plants and nature.

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