Still chilly on the Allotment

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Thursday was a chilly day and, unfortunately, the ground is still too wet to consider any cultivation but there is always work to be done to keep us warm. Fleece was laid down over half of the strawberry bed to encourage earlier flowering and give earlier berries. Once the flowers are open it will be removed to allow pollination. Two donated brambles were planted out, a trip was made to the recycling centre to dispose of the rotten wood from the repair of the raised beds, continued to weave willow into the windbreak, daffodil bulbs from the Spring Show planted out, the grass edges were cut back and of course weeding and top-up of the paths with wood chip.

The sprouting broccoli is coming to an end but we still managed a small picking and of course plenty of rhubarb now.

Jobs for next week

  • Prepare trench for carrots and sow
  • Plant 2nd early potatoes
  • Sow peas in pots at home to foil the mice
  • Plant out young broad beans and sow more for succession
  • Plant remaining onions
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