Summers end on the Allotment

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The summer crops are almost over now. On Thursday, the peas were taken out and put on the compost heap. There are still a few beetroot, but time now for enjoying the winter greens with the Jerusalem artichokes getting to a good size too. There are still onions and potatoes left, though the mice have discovered the potatoes, but we were in time to see this and move them.

Mycorrhizal fungi

We stacked up the green waste to dry ready for the next bonfire and carried on with weeding round the edges and in the beds. With winter gales to be expected, the broad beans and kalettes were given sturdy stakes; this year the brussels sprouts are a smaller variety so should not need any support. Unfortunately, there is a bad attack of white fly on the kale this year on the underside of the leaves, but it can be treated with an organic spray.

The raspberries are getting smaller but still a reasonable picking to be had and the first of the broad beans were picked as well – while the beans are still small and tender enough to eat in a salad. The apples have all been picked now and when the leaves have finally all come off, all the fruit bushes will have a winter wash.

Jobs for next week

  • Tidy the sheds
  • Bonfire
  • Wood chip on the paths
  • Collect the leaves lying about for our leaf bin
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