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The allotment team were delighted to win a Gold for their pallet garden.

Allotment Pallet 2014

The design looks just amazing, all in proportion and the bento box idea worked out beautifully.
Setting it up gave some fraught moments, especially ensuring the bamboo was secure and upright and the Japanese knots were done as Kayoko had taught them, but it has been a very satisfying and stretching experience.

Caley allotment Pallett

When checking the pallet today, it was interesting to see how many people were stopping and spending time looking at it all and asking questions, especially about the food in the bento box. So many congratulations are due to Kayoko for the design and cultivation knowledge, the Inch nursery, for enabling the team to undertake it by providing heat and space, and the allotment volunteers who all made it happen.

And before you ask – the vegetables will end up on the allotment next week and will grow on throughout the summer.

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  • Old Dutch

    Congratulations Everyone! Yet another aspect of gardening that the Caley has embraced.

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