A busy day on the allotment.

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A busy day on the plot with clearing, sowing, planting and digging done and the first cut of the year for the grass.

The strawberry bed had its protective matting taken off to let us in to weed, water and feed the plants with fish blood and bone. A couple of the rows were covered with fleece several weeks ago and it is obvious now how much further on these plants are.

The strawberry plants in the foreground have been protected by fleece for the past few weeks.

We finished digging over the legumes bed and a good helping of dung, compost and seaweed was added. The peas, ‘Hurst Greenshaft’, which were grown on at home, were planted out and another row of seeds sown to give succession. Broad bean seeds, ‘Perla’, were also sown.

Planting out the peas – ‘Hurst Greenshaft’.

A row of summer cabbages, ‘Greyhound’, were planted out and thinking far ahead, the Brussels sprouts for next winter were put in and both these were netted as a matter of course.

The winter kale and sprouting broccoli were cleared out. They have started flowering so time to remove them though there was a good helping of kale before they were sent to the compost heap.

Jobs for next week

  • Dig and manure the sweetcorn bed
  • Prepare the courgette/squash bed
  • Sow parsnips
  • At home, sow the courgettes, sweetcorn, next winter’s brassicas
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