Finally – the potatoes are planted!

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Smoothing out the potato ridges

Today the remaining potatoes were planted out and we had another bonfire to clear the plot of waste wood. Last week a sowing was made of carrots and beetroot, so we shall wait for another couple of weeks before doing another one to give succession. The new raised bed was finished off too.

There is a fine show now of spring flowers and some more daffodils from the Spring Show were planted out.

The rabbits are looking for new greens and have found the decorative alliums on the plot and nibbled the tops of the leaves. Previous experience has shown the need to keep a protective barrier round the onions, so they are quite safe.

Plum tree in full blossom



The plum tree – still in its protective cover – has wonderful blossom this year and the weather is looking good for pollination, so we shall see how it does this year for fruiting.

Jobs for next week

  • Dig and manure the pea/bean bed
  • Dig and manure the sweetcorn bed
  • Plant peas/broad beans
  • Check over strawberry bed, dress with fish blood bone
  • Clear remaining winter brassicas
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