A day of small things on the Allotment.

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On Thursday we were back to more suitable weather for February and there was a chill in the air. We had a visit from the pheasant and spouse, checking us out for nesting.

It was a day of small things – finishing off the fruit pruning after the workshop on Sunday, another bonfire to burn the prunings, weeding the bed to be used for the display of edible flowers, more repairs on the willow windbreak, woodchip on the paths, and with the buds beginning to break on the plum tree, it had its enviromesh cover wrapped round it to help protect the blossom from frost.

Last week we spent the day clearing out the shed and cleaning and sharpening all the tools.

George demonstrating how to prune an apple tree.

Sunday 24th February, a glorious day, was the annual pruning workshop taken by George Anderson to a large and appreciative audience. Now, as most of the fruit on the Caley plot is mature and ‘frightened into submission’, George only demonstrated pruning of raspberries and gooseberries on our plot before we moved, by invitation, onto other plots and saw demonstrated the winter pruning of apples, currants and an indoor vine. We had people from other allotments, the Community Orchard project and other enthusiasts coming along. Thanks to George for his excellent demonstrations.

Jobs for next week

  • First feeding of the fruit
  • Willow windbreak repair – again!
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