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Putting in support for the peas


On Thursday, we did the first cut of the grass and more seed sowing. We sowed another row of carrots and beetroot to give us a succession of produce and two rows of kohl rabi, both the white and purple varieties. The first row of peas was put in.  Hopefully the mice won’t eat all of them!





Winter brassicas had been direct sown into a seed bed and they are now coming through. Not a great germination but, since we don’t need many of each, enough for our purposes.

Spacing out the Kelsae onions.

The Kelsae onions were planted out. These were bought in as young plants and grown on. These are the giant onions that passers-by really enjoy seeing and, hopefully, prize-winners at the Dalkeith Show this year.

One of our wide beds was really too wide for easy cultivating from the side so we decided to take in a little of the grass path beside it and create two narrower beds and the work on that was finished  and other repair work done on other edges, many thanks to our ‘ hired hand’

The apple blossom is a wonderful show and good to see the display on the apple tree we moved last season. The new damson has no blossom but that is fine, better to have the energy of the tree going into root growth in the early years of planting.

Meanwhile at home, the sweetcorn has germinated and growing well in a south-facing window. Courgette plants have been bought in and repotted and are doing well in the heated greenhouse.

Jobs for next week

  • Seed sowing peas, carrots, beetroot, swede
  • Weeding along hard path beds
  • Watering
  • Manure the sweetcorn/squash bed
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