Apple Picking on the Allotment

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Apple picking today. With the strong winds bringing many down, we picked all the remaining ones bar the late variety ‘Adams Pearmain’.  The new shed was re-arranged to take all the produce.

Even though the Victoria plum is on a dwarfing rootstock, the new shoots do aim skywards and out of reach for picking the fruit. By tying these down when they are still young and pliable, they will fruit within easy reach and it also encourages fruiting along the branch.   It is simple to do, just tie a piece of soft string to near the end of the new shoot and bend over – carefully since they do break easily – and wrap the other end of the string round a heavy stone on the ground.

The grass had another cut and all the sweetcorn shoots were chopped up for the compost heap.

We also had another delivery of horse manure.

Jobs for next week

  • Weeding
  • Check raised beds etc for work needed
  • Prepare bed for Bulb Workshop
  • Tidy ‘playpen’
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