Auricula Season (Week 3)

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Auricula Victoria de Weymss (Colin A)

As the season progresses so do the range and variety of Auriculas.  These showy plants take up very little room – everyone should have at least one.

Auricula Chaffinch (Bill C)

Auricula Golden Hind (Colin A)

Auricula Favorite (Colin A)










Auricula White Wings (Colin A)

Auricula Belle Zana (Colin A)

Auricula First Lady (Colin A)









Auricula Trafalgar (Bill C)

Auricula G Harrison (Colin A)

Auricula Lee Paul (Colin A)









Auricula St Elmo (Colin A)

Auricula Purple Pip (Colin A)

Auricula Sophie (Shona N)









Auricula Vesuvius (Bill C)

Auricula Bob Lancashire (Bill C)

Auricula Elsie May (Bill C)









You do not need a lot of space to grow quite a few and you can improvise how to show them off.  Perhaps as Colin has with his make-shift Auricula theatre.

Colin’s frame

Colin’s makeshift Auricula theatre

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