Even more Auriculas (week 4)

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April is quite early for Auriculas but we are now into May which is probably their best month.  But the Banff Spring Show, which is usually the last weekend in April, usually includes a few.  So Bill Copland from Banff has put together a mini show of his Auriculas for us.

Auriculas take up so little room – you can have quite a few without a problem.

Each week we have managed to share a range of different blooms and this week is no different.  It is, after all, Auricula time!

Auricula Judy Borman (Pam W)

Auricula Raleigh Stripe (Colin A)

Auricula Eden Blue Star (Bill C)

Auricula Russett Red (Pam W)








Auricula Rene (Sarah B)

Auricula Adrienne (Pam W)

Auricula White Ensign (Colin A)

Auricula St Elmo (Colin A)








Auricula Avon Tan (Colin A)

Auricula Dilly Dilly (Bill C)

Auricula Pumpkin (Pam W)

Auricula Pinstripe (Colin A)

Auricula Tooly (Colin A)

Auricula King Cup (Pam W)

Auricula South (Bill C)

Auricula Bob Lancashire (Bill C)















But it would remiss of me not to include two important Auriculas linked to The Caley:

Auricula The Caley (Pam W)

Auricula President George (George A)

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