Autumn is here

 In Allotment, apples

Autumn is here with the nights getting chilly but there is still plenty of sun around to ripen the apples and hopefully the sweetcorn.

Charles Ross


We had the the first of the clearing up bonfires today and we shall need more since the dead hedge needs to be removed. Whilst the hedge t it is a sanctuary for many beneficial creatures, some four-legged creatures have taken up residence in it and we do not want to encourage these on the plot.

The strawberries have put out more runners and these were cut off since there are enough young plants. The last of the main crop potatoes were dug up with a good return from Pink Fir Apple – everybody’s favourite – and not bad from Desiree which is really a late main but on our plot the tubers are attacked by slugs if they are left in the ground beyond the middle of September. And there was still more new growth on the soft fruit which was tied in.

We put entries into the Dalkeith show last weekend and did very well with Tom’s leeks and onions.

Prize winning leek from the allotment at the Dalkeith show

Jobs for next week: Weather permitting another bonfire; Tidy the shed; General weeding.

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