Cool and shade is the order for George

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It has been interesting to note how early the bulbs seem to be this year.
With the show still two weeks away, the task now is how to keep all the pots and blooms in good condition.

I will be moving all the flowering pots into the coolest and shadiest part of the garden in order to hold them back.

The pots of Hyacinths are looking good, the stems are sturdy, self supporting and the flowers nearly fully open.


Nearer the show I will moss the top of the pots and insert short stakes to keep the flower spikes upright.


The tulips meanwhile have just started to show flower buds so fingers crossed they will make it to Saughton.




The pots of ‘ Easterbrook Sunrise’ ,’Cameo Frills’ and ‘Jersey Roundabout’ all look OK.  ‘Jersey Roundabout’ has yet to open but with a little more sunshine I am sure it will be fine. All the pots with open flowers will be put back in the shade.

The pots of ‘Lancaster’ and ‘Foxfire’ still need a little careful nurturing and will be left in full sunlight to help bring out the flowers.

The two pots of Scamp Challenge look good with a number of flowers starting to open. Gill has yet to choose which of the pots is her one. I await instructions. We only need one flower each to meet the challenge.

Keep your pots well watered and fed, stake them if they get too tall and start flopping about and above all enjoy pottering.

The excitement mounts
Stay safe
Happy gardening

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