Allotment news – Thursday 17th March

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Last Thursday was a sunny day but with a cold, strong westerly wind.

We had the second bonfire today to finish burning the prunings and waste wood, with the ash, which is rich in potash, spread round the fruit bushes. Compost was spread over the beds which are for growing root veg in our crop rotation system. The ground was prepared for the first planting of early potatoes with some manure dug in and then the soil covered with black plastic to help warm it up.

Spreading compost on the root veg bed.

After the difficulties last year with growing carrots, we are going to use a cut-down compost bin this year which may give some protection against slug damage, as well as the usual direct sowings.

Jobs for next week

  • Move the compost heap to the green compost bins
  • Repairs to the hazel windbreak
  • Plant the onion sets
  • Put fleece over the strawberries
  • Cut down the spare compost bin and fill with sieved soil and compost
  • Sow peas at home in pots
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