First frost on the Allotment

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A brilliant autumn day for our allotment stint on Thursday and the discovery that overnight had brought the first frost. The first bonfire of the winter was set going in the brazier to burn up the waste wood and stems. The ash can then be spread around the fruit trees since it is high in potash.

Netting the strawberry runners

On the initial walk-round we saw the strawberry runners which had been planted out were badly nibbled, no doubt by the usual suspects (the rabbits), so the bed was netted. The broad beans are doing well, and the pods are fattening up. The weeding round the edges continues and a good picking still of autumn raspberries as well as kale, chard, red cabbage and sprouts.

Jobs for next week

  • Take out the peas if over
  • Weeding
  • Tidy the shed!
  • Add wood chip to the paths
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