GLiN in partnership with Coalfields Regeneration Trust

The aim of the project

Working with 4 CRT projects from across Scotland, we set out to evaluate The Caley’s GLiN Award. Our aim was to measure the impact the GLiN Award made to the skills, knowledge and understanding of gardening and nature to those who took part.

We also wanted to find out if participants felt they benefitted in other ways,  such as having improved physical or emotional wellbeing.

The projects who took part in the evaluation were Grow West Fife from Culross, Cardowan Community Meadow who are based in Stepps, The Kennoway Community Shed, and STAND dementia group, from Fife.

What impact did we make?

A total of 52 participants successfully achieved their GLiN award and have pledged to to keep gardening & growing and to also look after and connect with the natural world around them.

We delivered 5 online gardening master classes to 89 participants.

7 monthly online CRT/GLiN networking sessions took place which 84 people attended.

As part of the award, over 1,560 hours of gardening has taken place that has been beneficial to both people and nature.

What do people think?

‘People think that when you have early onset dementia your not able to do stuff. Achieving the GLiN Award proves that you are able and you have done it all by yourself. It’s amazing, out of this world.’ Audrey Ross, STAND 

‘We were thrilled to take part in the GLiN Award. It really means a lot to us to be involved in a bigger community of garden enthusiasts.’ Pamela Timms, Grow West Fife, Culross

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