Good day on the allotment

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No midges today with a good west wind blowing, unlike last week.

It was down on hands and knees today, getting the boards for the new raised beds into their final position and levelling them off,  taking into account the slope both to the north and east, but all done and now they need screwed to the support stakes.


On the new strawberry bed, we finished laying down the weed-suppressing fabric and planted out another variety of strawberry. More Gariguette runners were tracked down and potted on for the final rows.

Now the brambles have finished fruiting, we pruned out the old shoots and tied in the shoots which will give us next years fruit.

And finally we have time to get in amongst the hazels and start weeding.

We are doing well for vegetables with Brussel sprouts ready, kale, chard, red cabbage, carrots and still potatoes and onions plus apples.

Jobs for next week

Finish screwing in the boards on the raised beds
Weeding among hazels and clear round the soft fruit

Start on new posts – bring a ladder!

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