Keeping warm – allotment style.

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An interesting looking kale

On Thursday, we kept warm by energetically barrowing leaves onto the bare beds to act as a mulch over winter. The thick layer will protect the soil from the winter weather, provide shelter for the insect life and food for the birds – the robin was already hard at work as we left.

Out with the wineberry

Weeding continued on the paths and we decided to remove the wineberry. The fruits are small and don’t have a great deal of taste and, worst of all, the stems are thick with tiny thorns. On the plus side, the stems are a good red colour.

We checked the apples and potatoes for rot and frosting and all is still well, even after the bitterly cold weather of the last few days.

Putting jobs on the notice board





Jobs for next week

  • Start on pruning back the willow and hazel
  • Finish clearing the comfrey bed
  • Finish weeding the paths
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