Marrow Galore! ….and apples, plums, beans………….

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A dull, warm and humid day but we didn’t need to do any watering today after all the rain there has been this past week. We didn’t manage to do the thinning of the apples and plums but made a huge difference to the appearance of the plot with a great effort at the weeding.

The ‘Minipop’ sweetcorn has put on another foot of growth and the little sweetcorns are beginning to appear on the stalks.

Between one week and the next the courgettes are turning into marrows – on one plant there are six marrows now waiting for the Dundee and Dalkeith shows!

Marrows galore!

The onions are starting to die down, so they were gently eased out the ground to speed up the drying process.

The broad beans are over so the shaws were cut down to the ground and the roots with the nitrogen nodules on them left in the ground. The first row of peas is finished so the shaws were again removed and another row of mangetout planted out. Succession planting of the dwarf French beans was done as well.

The harvesting of the French beans is now in full swing and soon the runner beans will be ready. Still picking plenty of soft fruit.

A good crop on the Victoria plum.

Jobs for next week

  • Thin the apples and plums
  • Cut back and feed the strawberries
  • Keep on with the weeding
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