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A good day for digging. We generally follow a no-dig policy at the Allotment, but the beds for the potatoes are always double dug and that was the job for today. We decided on a trial this year with the potatoes. Taking one variety, some will be planted in a row with dung, some in a row with seaweed and some with dung and seaweed and we shall weigh the results to see if there is any difference in productivity.

Fleece was put over some of the strawberry rows to give them a boost and-  us some early strawberries!  The buds on the plum tree are still tightly closed so we shall look at that again next week to check whether it is time to put fleece over it.

We were given a cherry tree which had belonged to Tom and that was planted today.

We tried field beans as a green manure this winter. They are still fine with no sign of damage so a good protective layer for an exposed site. Most of them were dug in but some have been left to see how they grow on.

And we have started on weeding and tidying up round the edges.

Still getting a picking of kale and flower sprouts and Jerusalem artichokes.

Jobs for next week

  • Fork over the remaining beds.
  • Continue the weeding.
  • Check the plum tree.
  • Check soil temperatures.
  • At home start sowing next winter’s brassicas, peas, summer cabbage, beetroot.
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