The last of the Auriculas

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We have just for a few more Auriculas to share this week.  However this is now the time those of us who grow Auriculas will soon be removing offsets to grow on and perhaps swap or share!  In the meantime we plan to add a compilation of the entries to the website in the next few days.

Auricula Kingfisher (Sarah B)

Auricula Nymph (Colin A)

Auricula Prince Charming (Colin A)

Auricula Larry (Colin A)


Auricula Tummel (Pam W)

Auricula Joy (Pam W)

Auricula Black Jack (Pam W)

Auricula Callender Park (Pam W)

Auricula Rhubarb Rock (Pam W)

Auricula Sir Prize (Bill C)

Under normal circumstances there would be an annual Scottish Auricula and Primula Society Show in mid May but unfortunately it has, like all other shows, been cancelled.  But here are two pictures form 2016 to whet your appetite.


Caley members may recall an article in the 2017 Caledonian Gardener written by Graeme Butler of Rumbling Bridge Nursery.  It is well worth reading again. You can see it again here.


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