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Daffodils and Tulips tend to dominate the Spring Show benches, but there are other blooms which have a long show history. One such plant is the Primula Auricula.

There are different types and an amazing number of different varieties, which can be a bit confusing, but they are not difficult to grow. They like cool conditions so are good to grow in Scotland, but they do not like the wet so benefit from a little protection from rain, especially in the winter.

You do not need to know the different types as the growing conditions are similar but it is interesting.

  • Border: these are perhaps the toughest plants and can withstand most weather conditions. They have tough fleshy leaves that are sometimes powdery and the flowers are often scented. (They look good in containers.)
  • Alpine: shading on the flower that is usually darker on the inside becoming lighter towards the outside.
  • Double: rose like shape flower
  • Show Self: a single uniform colour and a circle of white in the middle.
  • Striped: stripes of farina (white grain-like) stripes on coloured petals
  • Show edged: flowers edged with green or grey
  • Show fancy: an edged auricula that does not quite fit the description of an edged auricula

We have plans to hold workshops and displays Saughton Park but as we are unable to do so at the moment thought we would share some images of named Auriculas grown by Caley members and friends.

If you want to look into the world of auricula in greater detail then contact The Secretary Scottish Auricula & Primula Society 07972026109 or Colin Ainsworth or look at the Auricula & Primula Society website


Today’s images come from Bill Copland in Banff.  We have more coming from Colin but we would love to share your pictures.  Images should be sent to and lets have an Auricula Show.

Auricula Taffeta (Bill C)

Auricula Sibsey (Bill C)

Auricula Red Wire (Colin A)

Auricula Mandarin (Bill C)

Auricula Lucy Locket (Bill C)

Auricula Joel (Bill C)

Auricula Blush Baby (Bill C)

Auricula Avril Hunter (Bill C)

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