Week 3 of George’s blog on his progress towards the Caley Spring Bulb Show

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With the recent mild spell and sunny days in George’s garden, the pots of bulbs have continued to develop. His task now will be to try to keep the flowers  fresh for the Caley Spring Show at Saughton Park in Edinburgh on the first weekend in April.

Those pots with lots of well advanced flower buds showing have been removed from the cold glasshouse and put outside in a sheltered spot to slow down their development. They may have to be moved back inside nearer the show.

The pots of  ‘ Exotic Emperor’ and ‘Sweet Lady’ tulips are looking good. However, given that I find tulips tricky to  get just right for the show I will have to keep a close eye on them.

The two pots of Scamp Challenge bulbs were given the same compost, same treatment in the plunge but show a different result. I wonder which one Gill will choose.

The pots of Caley Daffodils ‘Blushing Maiden,’ Golden Amber,’ ‘Dunston’s Fire’ and ‘Eva Hibbert’ are doing well and have all been fed and watered over the past two weeks. Those with flower buds well advanced will be set outside meantime.


The pots of ‘Woodstock’ and ‘Kronos’ hyacinths appear OK but one of them had some damaged to its flower spike  so some serious surgery has been carried out with tweezers to remove the damaged portions.

My own pots of hyacinths also have had surgery. Some of the bulbs have produced two flower shoots so one has been removed so that there is only one flower spike per bulb.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast as there is the chance of frost in the next ten days.

Keep up the feeding and watering.

Good luck


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