A rainy day on the Allotment

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It rained on Thursday at the start of our stint and it didn’t ease off at all! However, we did manage to pick up a load of windfall apples and checked the ones still remaining on the branches. The Bridgend Farmhouse are planning a juicing day this week and a large number of the apples were donated to them.

Shaking out the enviromesh

The sprouts are ready for picking but the hope of protecting them from the grey aphid by covering with enviromesh was groundless and the aphids and white fly are beginning to congregate. The enviromesh was exchanged for open netting to allow more ventilation and the hope that a good frost would help to control them.

We had a picking of curly kale and still plenty of potatoes and onions, plus apples of course.

Jobs for next week

As for last week –

  • Plant the onion sets
  • Stake the summer rasps
  • Keep up the attack on green alkanet
  • Check the raised beds for any repairs/replacements needed
  • Clear out the autumn raspberry bed since the plants have died off because of phytophthora
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