A surprise visitor at the Allotment

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As we work through September, we are coming to the end of the summer cropping and have taken out the vegetables that are over such as the squashes, dwarf beans, courgettes, beetroot and the sweet peas. But there are still apples ripening, raspberries and sweetcorn for picking and the winter crops such as spinach, chard and kale.

A second sowing of the black radish has germinated and survived the slug attacks so hoping it will grow on.

The old fruiting canes were pruned out of the soft fruit and set aside for a winter bonfire.

The comfrey has grown so well it had another cut and was added to the compost bin. The Helenium and Innula have invaded the comfrey bed so needs to be removed.

A surprise visitor to the plot today was a weasel. We managed to get a photograph as it scampered along. The book says they move so fast they are a blur so it is good to capture a shot of it having a look at us!

Next week a green manure will be sown on the potato beds, it is getting rather late for germination with us but we shall try.

Jobs for next week

  • Sow green manure on the potato beds
  • Check the apples for ripeness
  • Take out the Innula and Helenium in the comfrey bed
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