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On Thursday we finally we managed a bonfire and it was very welcome on such a cold day. We use a brazier so the prunings and other non-compostable waste need to be cut to about 40 cm. That way they burn low, keep the flames within the brazier and make it safer for us stoking it. Wood ash is a useful source of potash so it will be spread around the fruit bushes.

Bonfire Time

We dug up the first of the dwarf Jerusalem artichokes now that the stems have died down. They were a good size and gave us a good crop, so there will be plenty for sharing and expanding the number grown next year. We left the remainder in the ground, cut down the stalks to provide a mulch and covered them with fleece in case they get frosted as happened last winter. The potatoes in store in the shed were also covered with fleece to keep them frost-free.

Emma Griffith, The Caley’s Horticultural Educator came out for a visit, so we put her to work.  She will hopefully be running a few workshops at the Allotment in 2024 so keep an eye on the website for the details when they become available.

Emma working hard

Jobs for next week

  • Another bonfire
  • Weed the paths
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