A Windy day on the Allotment

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Quite a wind on Thursday, but the sun was shining as we worked on finishing the pruning of the fruit after the workshop on Sunday and tied in the new growth on the soft fruit. The prunings are being kept and will be burnt later with the ash being spread around the fruit – good recycling!

Tying in the raspberries – again!!

The main crop potatoes have finished growing and we cut back the shaws. The spuds will be left in the ground for a couple of weeks and then all dug up with the trial ones being weighed. The grass and edges were cut, and the strip that has been left uncut for several months was cut. While you need to leave the grass uncut over several seasons to see what flowers will appear, it was giving the slugs and snails and their eggs a safe home and the couch grass was moving into the beds, so not a good idea for us. We also had the hose out to keep the fruit filling out and the winter brassicas growing well.

Sweetcorn crop

Dalkeith Horticultural Society Show on 7 and 8 September in Dalkeith Schools Campus. Saturday 1pm-4.30pm, Sunday 12noon – 4.30pm. This year it will include the National Vegetable Society show.

Jobs for next week

  • Tidy up the brassica bed
  • Finish pruning
  • Take out the peas and sow green manure
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