Harvesting on the Allotment

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Thursday  morning spent picking collections of fruit and vegetables for the Dalkeith Show and for a display on the Caley stand at the Dundee Flower and Food Festival – both over  the weekend (6th – 8th September).

Safety first! No chance of getting poked in the eye here.

The strong winds in the week brought down a number of apples and many of the others were ready for picking. A gentle turn of the fruit lets you know if it will break off and is ready. The grass was cut, the yellowing leaves removed from the winter brassicas, the old pea haulms were taken down and green manure sown. And then time for lunch and some delicious allotment apple cake!

Tasty cake!!

Jobs for next week

  • Dig up and weigh the trial potatoes
  • Dig up the other main crop potatoes
  • Check remaining apples for picking

Editors note:  Many thanks for the produce for The Caley stand at Dundee – it looked great.  I can also confirm that the apple cake was delicious.

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