Caley Demonstration Garden at Saughton

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We hope that you have been able to come to Saughton Park to see the show garden that was built within The Caley’s Demonstration Garden.  “The Resourceful Garden” built by Kristyna Andrlova is full of brilliant ideas that can easily be translated to your own garden.

But that is not the only thing to give you inspiration in the Demonstration Garden.  Designed to give you ideas for your own space, it features a multitude of different planting ideas.  We have raised beds and more traditional borders, alpine plants, herbaceous perennials, Meconopsis, fruits & vegetables and so much more.

The most recent additions, besides Kristyna’s garden, are a small raised crevice garden and a bed showing how to grow fruit and veg in a small plot (not everyone has a large garden).  At the beginning of this week a bed was planted up featuring “golden” plants and another with many different types of bean – some dwarf beans and some runner beans.

We encourage you to come along to the Saughton to see our Demonstration Garden – we hope it will inspire you to grow in whatever space you have available to you. The Demonstration Garden, like all of the other Caley areas within the park, are looked after by our fantastic volunteers.  If you would like to get involved, please contact

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