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Despite the current Covid-19 restrictions, which have resulted in many gardens and training opportunities being temporarily closed, we have some good news to share with you. A team of nine gardeners from Uppertunity in Dundee have successfully completed their Grow & Learn, ‘Roots’ award. The final verifications were completed remotely, with the team’s portfolios showing that an abundance of gardening skills and knowledge had been gained over the last year.

Molly planted her blackberry.

When current restrictions are lifted, we look forward to celebrating with the gardeners at Uppertunity and presenting everyone with their Grow & Learn, ‘Roots’ Certificate of Achievement. Congratulations all, a fantastic achievement by everyone.

Shauna was making bug houses

The gardeners and staff at Uppertunity have all worked incredibly hard to achieve their awards and are a credit to themselves and their project. Portfolios showed not only a love of gardening, but also the importance of teamwork, having fun and a desire to learn new things.’

Jean Gavin
Grow and Learn Development Officer

Michael building composting bins

‘Uppertunity, a Dundee based social enterprise working with adults with additional needs, offers a weekly garden volunteering programme called Growing Places. Gardening has so many social, environmental and health benefits, and we feel that these benefits should be made accessible to all. At Uppertunity, we ensure, anyone who wants to be involved, can be involved. When we found out about the Grow and Learn award, we were very excited. It aligned with our beliefs: a person-centred award, recognising individual progress and achievement. It’s been hard work, but that’s made it even more rewarding. We are beyond proud of the work our volunteers have achieved. Their knowledge and skills go beyond the garden, and they have all blossomed in so many ways.’

Danielle Gaffney du Plooy
Manager, Uppertunity

Planting Out

You can find out more about Uppertunity by clicking the link – www.uppertunity.org.uk

Ryan learning about propagation.

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