Chilly but still autumn raspberries on the allotment

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A chilly day on the allotment but no rain so we were able to get all the work done starting with the planting of the onion sets. These will be ready in early summer so a little earlier than spring planted sets, though they don’t last so well.

Work continued with the clearing of the green alkanet and other unwanted plants along the north border and as soon as the leaves have fallen from the hazel, we shall start on a thorough weeding of these areas.

Other winter maintenance work will be on the rebuilding the compost heaps. They were built several years ago and the wood in the pallets and stakes are rotten and the whole thing will be collapsing shortly.

The autumn raspberries are still doing well with a full basket picked today but the runner beans and dwarf French beans are just about over and the last  of the carrots were pulled. The carrots have not done well this year with poor germination despite several succession sowings. A final sowing in pots did succeed and were planted out but all the carrots from this forked and didn’t grow well so not one to try again.

Jobs for next week
Continue clearing along the north edge
Continue with clearing out the comfrey bed
General weeding

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