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The cold nights of the last few days have finished the courgettes and squashes.  The sweetcorn has finished cropping and we have done well this year with cobs and the mini corn.  It was off to the compost heap with them all. Still picking the summer fruit and veg though, with dwarf French beans, the runner beans and the autumn raspberries doing very well. And we gave the grass what may be the last cut of the year.

Picking the runner beans

Green alkanet has become invasive along the north edge and needs to come out – hard work since the roots are deep but it needs to be done since it is taking moisture and nutrients from the soft fruit roots. The comfrey and rhubarb bed has also become overgrown and work is underway to clear out the invaders.

Jobs for next week

  • Keep on with the clearing
  • Plant the autumn onions
  • Keep the hoe going


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