Who or what ate the parsley?

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A chilly start again but there was plenty of hard work to keep us warm. The weeding of the beds continues and the clearance of the comfrey bed where the comfrey plants have disappeared in a jungle of valerian, innula, alkanet, teasels and a spreading yellow daisy.

The staking of the winter brassicas was checked with some having to be re-secured and they were given a feed of blood, fish and bone.

Most of the leaves of the flat leaved parsley have been eaten. There was a net barrier round them so it shouldn’t have been the rabbits but possibly the pheasant was responsible so today they were fully netted and should regrow.

The prized parsnip

The dwarf French beans were taken out with the stems cut down to ground level and leaving the roots with the nitrogen nodules in the soil. Some of the heritage runner bean – Black Rod and the Borlotti bean were picked for drying off to be used as seed next year and in winter stews. The single parsnip which germinated and grew on this year was dug up and was a credit!And now we need to check the apples, onions and potatoes on a regular basis for rot, as you can see from the photograph what happens if you don’t. One rotten piece can quickly infect all the others.

Interesting rot on apples

Still picking runner beans and autumn raspberries, chard, a few Brussel sprouts and plenty of onions, apples and potatoes from the store.

Jobs for next week
Weeding in comfrey bed and along north edge
Clear out some of the strawberry plants
Plant garlic

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